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SolarVenti® UK needs dealers who can install our products throughout Great Britain.

The excellence of our product leaves room for many installers within different sectors, who can offer our panels not only to private residences, second homes and communities, but also to schools, public swimming pools, hotels, agricultural industries, along with livestock and large surfaces having moisture and air quality problems in general.
Solarventi® is also available for places where you need more heat inside, replacing heat pumps, with our economical and more conventional system.

Casa permanente
  1. A proven product with a patented underlying technology developed and produced in Denmark.
  2. SolarVenti® Denmark has sold solar air collectors for more than 25 years, and have more than 70,000 systems installed worldwide.
  3. Satisfied customers and opportunity to long-term economic benefits.
  4. Help with internet and local marketing. SolarVenti® UK markets the product in the national media (Google AdWords) which we relate to our authorized dealers at (www.solarventi.uk). We also support all our authorized dealers with our experience in measuring and installing.
  5. We offer all our authorized dealers a good compensation plan that makes it worthwhile being an authorized dealer for SolarVenti®.
Casa permanente
  • Business registered in the construction industry, home improvement, engineering, installers such as ventilation, electricity, plumbing etc.
  • That you have a qualified staff, which can mount and install our collectors. All installers will have to undergo our certified mounting education in standard, basement or professional panels.
  • That your company is represented on the internet with a website, where you can portray our products.
  • That you invest in a demo sample or collector for demonstration purpose.
  • That you meets the minimum requirements of knowledge of the function and use of SolarVenti®

Click and complete - our commercial registration form if you want to become a dealer and installer of SolarVenti®

Then our sales staff will respond to your request by mail or telephone. We look forward to serve you.